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global-gain.com brings a unique perspective to the world of trading. We assess a variety of different markets and trading instruments to create maximum profitability for our community.

We utilise unique intra-day and swing trading strategies to provide profitability for our community in the financial markets.

Our strategies seemlessly flow through the Forex and Cryptocurrency Markets.

Markets do not simply go up. We use this to our advantage.

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We are a legal company registered in DENMARK providing our services to the members all around the world.


Risk Management

The Company continually identifies, assesses, and monitors each type of risk associated with its operations. This means assessing on a continuous basis the effectiveness of the policies, arrangements, and procedures in place which allow the company to easily be able to cover its financial needs and capital requirement at any time.


Trading Success

Our community success speaks for itself. The markets have never been more exciting than they are now. Success can be found both ways and our trade ideas ride the wave up and take advantage of the downward moves.


Audit & Accounting

Client funds are received into bank accounts separate from those used by the company. These funds are off the balance sheet and cannot be used to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of the default of the Company.


Quick and Easy Account Registration

No paperwork and office visits. Simply fill the registration form and click the register button. Your account can be blocked if we discover any foul play. This enables us have reputable users.


Customer Support

Our support team is readily available to answer any of your questions and will help you in whichever way they can to resolve any issues you may be encountering.

Up to the minute analysis

We are experienced professionals

Intra-Day Levels

Using our well marked intra-day levels, we capture precise short - medium term volatility.

Swing Trade

Using our swing trade strategies, we predict medium - long term opportunities to leverage the larger moves the market provides.

Risk Management

Using efficient risk management tools, we keep our trades low risk with high rewards.


Understanding how global markets work and impact trading keeps us ahead of all the news announcements each day.


By tackling F.O.M.O, Chasing Your Tail, Fear Of Losing amongst other factors, our traders have acheived high level of efficiency which reduces losses and maximizes profit.


In its simplest form, structure is the use of trend lines and ray lines to draw in market frameworkd across multiple timeframes based upon the principles of how the market works/moves (Nature Theory)allowing us to understand and interpret what is happening.

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Fill in your personal details in our secure online application.



Fund your account via Cryptocurrency or Perfect Money.



Once your account is approved, you can choose a package and begin your trading cycle.

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